Growing Mango from Seeds

Growing Mango - Mamuang - From Seeds to Tree

Mango - Mamuang - Growing from Seeds

Mango trees grow in warm climate; the trees can grow to a heigth of 35-40m and a diameter of 20m. The leaves are evergreen 15-35 cm long, and 6-16 cm wide; when the leaves are young they are pinkish, rapidly changing to a dark, glossy red, then dark green as they mature. The small and white flowers with five petals are produced in terminal panicles 10-40 cm long. There are over 500 known varieties of mangoes, most ripening in summer, while some even have double crops. The fruits take 4 to 5 months to ripen.
The ripe fruit varies according to cultivar in size, shape, color, sweetness, and eating quality. Depending on cultivar, fruits are variously yellow, orange, red, or green.The fruit has a single flat, pit that can be fibrous or hairy on the surface, and does not separate easily from the pulp.
Mango trees grow readily from seeds, with germination success highest when seeds are obtained from mature fruits. Some varieties do not come true to the parent, but most of the Thai varieties like Nam Dok Mai grow true to the parent tree

Mango Seed

Mango - Mango Pit Opened Mango Pit exposing Seed Mango Seed

Fresh Mango Seed

Mango seeds don't survive refrigeration and drying out - you need to use a seed from a fresh ripe fruit. To start your new Mango Tree quick you will need to open the pit along the edge and use the plain seed (look at the pictures above). Now place the seed on a damp paper towel, cover with a second damp paper towel and put the towel sandwich into a ziplock bag. Close the bag with some air inside and place it in a warm place. The seed are should germinate and sprout within a weeks. Look inside the bag from time to time to check for mold .

Mango Seed after 1 week

/ Mango - Mango Pit

Mango Seed - One week later

One weeks after placing the seed into the ziplock bag the seed should have sprouted. A root is protruding from the seed as shown in the picture.
Remove the germinated Mango Seed from the paper towel and plant them about 0.5cm deep into 20cm pots or suitable plastic bags filled with a good potting mix. Put the pots in a shaded area with no direct sunlight and keep the soil moist.

Mango Seedling after 2 weeks

Mango - Mango Seedling after 2 weeks

Mango Seedling - after 2 weeks/center>

After two weeks the seedling emerged from the soil and is developing its first set of leaves. keep the pot in a shaded area and don't forget to regularly water and keep the soil moist.

Mango Seedling after 6 weeks

Mango - Mango Seedling after six weeks

Seedling after 6 weeks

After another four weeks, 6 weeks after starting the seed the seedling has developed several sets of leaves. Don't forget to regularly water the seedlings and keep the soil moist.

Mango Seedling after 3 months

Mango - Mango Seedling after three months

Seedling after 3 months

After 3 months the Mango - Mamuang seedlings reached a height of about 40 to 50 cm and have several sets of leaves. The trees start to develop fast now. There is not much to do except watering.

Mango Young Tree after 6 months

Mango - Mango Young tree six months old

Young Tree after 6 months

At 6 month of age the Mango Tree is about 100 to 120 cm high. It should be transplanted to the soil or a very large container now. Regular watering is needed for about two to four weeks after ocasionally watering is enough. The top shoot should be pinched off now to encourage the seedling to develop branches

Young Mango tree after 1 year

Mango - Young tree six months old

Young tree after 1 year

The young tree has established itself in the soil, grown steadily to about 2 meters and developed branches. There is not much to do now except ocasionally watering. The tree will grow and start bearing fruit in between 5 and 8 years depending on the climate and soil.